• Holy Trinity Church
    Holy Trinity is a beautiful Victorian / Edwardian
    church, with extensive grounds, which also hosts
    the mission community office.
    The coffee bar is open every morning and we have
    a well equipped hall which can be used for a
    wide range of activities.

    Worship is centred on the Eucharist and with
    more informal services too.
    Central to Holy Trinity is serving the town centre
    and links with the Beacon School.
  • Littleham Church
    St Margaret & St Andrew’s, Littleham,
    is an outward looking and lively church.

    The beautiful church building dates from 1236,
    surrounded by a large open churchyard including
    the tomb of Lady Nelson.

    We offer a wide range of worship; friendly pastoral
    care; and vibrant youth & family work including
    the Chill youth club & links with Littleham school. Directions
  • Lympstone Church
    The church is a lovely village church, with six bells,
    which seeks to serve the local community as a
    base not only for a wide range of worship and
    pastoral care, but also is used by many
    organisations in particular Lympstone School
    and for concerts.

    There has been a church on this site since the
    12th century, with the tower dating to 1409 and
    the rest rebuilt in 1864, with more recent
    modernisation at the west end.

Open to God

We started Open to God in October last year and it is has continued to grow and develop. What we aim for is a time when folk can come together in a relaxed and informal way, have fellowship together, worship together, pray together and hear the word of God. There is always prayer ministry, so people can come for prayer themselves or pray for people on their hearts.

We are trying to be as inclusive and welcoming as possible and as wide a range of people as possible are encouraged to be involved in pretty much every aspect of the service from welcoming, set up and refreshments to running the sound and laptop to leading the worship. So that means that, while we have a similar format each week, the feel of the service can be quite different. So, for instance, different people lead the worship differently; we can have one person on a guitar or piano, a whole band or someone who has chosen songs from a CD; they can be new songs or old favourites.

We always start at 5:30pm with a bring and share tea but then each week has a distinct focus. So:

1st Sunday is our guest preacher and we have had Bishop Nick of Crediton and Gavin Tyte, the Beatboxing Vicar.

2nd Sunday is preaching from a DVD and just recently we had J John. Coming up, we’ll be having a series by Danielle Strickland, a Salvation Army officer from Canada who has a particular focus on serving the poor.

3rd Sunday is our prayer focus and we devote the evening to prayer in different ways. You can rest quietly in the pew or our Prayer Ministry Team is available if you want to pray with someone, particularly for healing but anything or anyone else. We have more reflective and contemplative worship and we always have a variety of creative ways to pray. Just recently we planted sunflowers and made posies to give as ‘random acts of kindness’.

4th Sunday is Word & Praise – just what it says on the tin! It’s worship followed by one of our own preachers.

5th Sunday is devoted to Testimony.

Here’s our program for June & July

01 June Guest Preacher Bp Henry Scriven of CMS

08 June (not DVD!) American Gospel Choir

15 June Prayer Focus

22 June Word & Praise Benedict Cambridge

29 June Tesitmony

06 July No Open to God Confirmation Service 3.00pm

13 July DVD Danielle Strickland

20 July Prayer Focus

27 July Word & Praise Benedict Cambridge